Living Stones Creations is the labor of love of Lyle and Vivian Ang of Mill City, Oregon.  Since 2003, each year,  we have set up this booth at about 20 Arts and Crafts Fairs in the western states.   We exclusively hand craft our  jewelry in Sterling Silver, 14/20 Gold-Filled often with 14 kt gold accents and some engraving.  We use worldwide coins and gemstone cabochons as well as some faceted stones.  Our creations utilize wire wrapping, torch fabrication, and lost wax casting.  Vivian crafts mostly with cabochons while Lyle usually makes coin jewelry.  Lyle's Mom, Maggie Haigh, got us started after Lyle's 2002 retirement from the USDA Forest Service.  Mom is doing well at 92 and still gives us design ideas.

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